Adam POD 10/9-14/9 Adam is my Pussycat

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Adam POD 10/9-14/9 Adam is my Pussycat

Post by gracemolina » Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:56 am

The theme for this week is Adam is my Pussycat...of course the guest actress would be Adam´s imaginary lady

To begin a classic from "The Ponderosa Matador"
artwork from me
IL: "Hello mister Cartwright. Have you heard your brothers telling you seem a sleight cat"
:adam "Hello my imaginary lady, I missed you. Yes, I am a sleight cat and already I catched two unwise mice"
IL: " and you are waiting to catch an unprepared lady mice"
:adam: "Me, no, I´m a gentlecat :laughing"
IL: "But, you have a sweet, prrrrrrr. Can you resist? prrrrr" .........

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