BOOMERS LOSERS ~ December 2009

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BOOMERS LOSERS ~ December 2009

Post by January » Wed Dec 02, 2009 2:19 pm

Welcome to Boomers Loses December 2009. November was a slow month for us here with very little activity and no new members to announce. Probably because of the time of year and all the holiday stuff.

Well, we'll continue anyway with the hopes of recruiting new members to add to team Boomers Loses and see what happens over the next couple of months.

For me, I had a Thanksgiving filled with 4F's. Fabulous Foods, friends & Family! All very rich and none I would want to live without. I overdid it stupidly with too many unnecessary desserts. I was bad. :laughing

For me, over eating on junk food is more than just not losing weight or possibly gaining weight. For me, it makes my body worn out, tired and cranky, so why did I eat like that? Because it was there? :shrug

After Thanksgiving I made myself a doggie bag filled with some cookies and a HUGE chunk of cake. I ate half of it Thanksgiving night and the next morning took what was left and threw it out. I knew at that point it was enough foolishness. I am a firm believer in having that piece of cake if you really want it, but to have more cake is silly. It can come of no good. :laughing

Later that afternoon when everybody else was shopping, I grabbed my gym gear and headed off to the gym. Thinking it would be mobbed with folks who had weigh too much food the day before, I was surprised to see it was quite empty. Yay, I was excited. I had a lot of room to myself. I spent extra time on the cardio machines, rested for a while and then started working on my upper body with light weights and finally on a mat to do some floor stuff, mostly stretching.

I can honestly say what a great feeling it was to spend some time in the gym after an evening of eating too much. Thankfully, all it took was one day of eating right and exercising to get myself back on track.

What did I learn from this? What I"ve always said. Portion control ... portion control. It'll get you every time.

Here's to a better December (for me) than November and I'm going to do my very best to make it through the upcoming holidays eating like a normal person. :laughing

Time to put down the shovel and pick up the fork! :thumbup
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