Adam's wanderlust

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Adam's wanderlust

Post by westernlily » Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:08 am

I was reading the thread about "My Brother's Keeper" and liking/not liking the episode, and it got me thinking. It's early and my brain isn't up to speed, but did Adam really have a desire to leave the Ponderosa? Based on the first six years of the show, I'm just not remembering many, if any episodes that seem to indicate that he wanted to get away ASAP. For me, MBK was a little jarring, because in this particular episode Adam seems to be so extremely bitter about aspects of life in the West--in a way that wasn't really forshadowed or developed further in other stories. Or was it?
I guess I'm sorta thinking Adam would be the type of person who would want to stay and civilize the West rather than run away from it. He always insists on following and upholding the law, brings technology (the windmills!) into play as much as possible and supports the arts and education. I know TPTB wrote Adam as leaving to cover the real-life exit of Pernell Roberts from the show, but that seemed to be a quick fix for a major problem rather than something that evolved out of character development.
So, am I missing something? Any thoughts?

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