Friends POD Mar. 12-17 ~ Capable Sheriff Coffee

Cartwright friends is the supporting cast of Bonanza. They include Hop Sing, Sheriff Roy Coffee, Will Cartwright, Doc Martin, Jamie, Griff, Clem, Sam the bartender, Betty Endicott, Bob Miles, Dusty Rhoades & of course, the horses (Buck, Sport, Chubb & Cochise).

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Friends POD Mar. 12-17 ~ Capable Sheriff Coffee

Post by CowgirlAtHeart » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:36 am

This week we're going to see pictures from some episodes where Roy Coffee showed what a capable sheriff he is!


In "No Less a Man," a number of the townspeople are trying to make Roy give up his badge because they think he's too old and slow to do a good job. Roy shows them that his long experience as sheriff is better than a fast gun any day!

Cap by Nikky
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