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Injured Joe - Reference Guide

Post by nickmac » Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:24 pm

Okay, so one of my fav things to watch is when Joe is injured. Not sure if there is a list like this already on the forum, but thought I would go ahead and create a list of the episodes where Joe is hurt in some way for any other SJS addicts who want a quick reference guide.. This is not an exhaustive list. I am sure I have missed a bunch (especially in later seasons...since I havent seen those much..I like my Little Joe young) Please tell me your favorites, that I have missed, and I will add them to the list.

Season 1
The Sun Mountain Herd – beat up/ black eye
The Magnificent Adah – Badly beaten
Dark Star – Struck with a whip several times
Julia Bulette Story - Knocked unconscious in fight
Truckee Strip - Beaten up
Season 2
Showdown – Pistol whipped
Breed of Violence - In fight receives cut over eye
The Abduction – Beaten up by several men
The Last Viking – Shot in the right shoulder, injures his ankle
The Gift – Hit over the head with a rifle, seriously dehydrated, extreme exhaustion
Season 3
The Lonely House – Pistol whipped and beaten up
The Friendship – Knocked down by a horse and hit over the head with a large stick. Bloodied in a fist fight.
Day of the Dragon – Shot in the right shoulder
The Tin Badge – Badly beaten
The Wooing of Abigail Jones - Falls down the stairs
Season 4
The First Born – Badly beaten
The Deadly Ones – Shot in the back
The Last Haircut – Pistol whipped
Marie, My Love – Takes a bad fall from Cochise
My Brothers Keeper – Shot in the left shoulder, bitten and clawed by a wolf,
Five Into the Wind – Injures hand in stagecoach accident, pistol whipped
The Boss – Shot in the right shoulder
Season 5
Twilight Town – Pistol whipped, dehydration, exhaustion
The Legacy – Pistol whipped
Alias Joe Cartwright – Pistol whipped
Calamity Over The Comstock - Knocked unconscious by Hoss
Season 6
The Trap – Shot in the chest
The Far, Far Better Thing - exhausted from being chased by Indians, bloody lip in fight
Season 7
All Ye His Saints – Knocked out with a rifle butt
The Fighters – Badly beaten
The Strange One - Breaks left arm
Season 8
A Time to Step Down – Beaten up, shot in the side
Tommy - Shot in the back
Amigo – Badly beaten
Black Friday – Pistol whipped
A Real Nice Friendly Town – Shot in the rump
The Oath – Pistol whipped
Season 9
Second Chance – Shot in the shoulder with an arrow
Commitment at Angelus – Pistol Whipped
The Conquistadors – Pistol Whipped
False Witness – Shot in the leg
Season 10
The Running Man – Shot in the arm
Emily – Shot in the back
Ride in the Sun - Dehydration, exhaustion
Five Candles - Wall falls on him, breaks a rib and cracks two others
Desperate Passage - Beaten up almost drowned
Different Pines, Same Wind - Beaten Up
Pride of a Man - Beaten up.
Season 11
A Matter of Circumstance – Is horribly trampled by a horse, breaks a leg and crushes his arm, severe infection
A Darker Shadow - Beaten up
The Gold Mine - Beaten up
Season 12
The Stillness Within – Blinded (temporarily) in an explosion
Kingdom of Fear - Injures ankle, exhaustion.
Thornton's Account - Concussed after fall.
Gideon the Good - Shot in leg.
Power of Life and Death - Dehydration, exhaustion.
Season 13
Bushwacked - Shot in the back and the leg, delirious from infection, nearly smothered
He Was Only Seven - Pistol whipped
Forever - Beaten up.
War Bonnet - Dehydration, exhaustion.
The Prisoners - Shot on forehead.
Shanklin - Shot in shoulder.
Season 14
Stallion - Pistol whipped, takes a bad fall down a hill
The Hunter - Exhaustion, dehydration, breaks his arm
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