Cartwright Friends POD 1/2-1/6

Cartwright friends is the supporting cast of Bonanza. They include Hop Sing, Sheriff Roy Coffee, Will Cartwright, Doc Martin, Jamie, Griff, Clem, Sam the bartender, Betty Endicott, Bob Miles, Dusty Rhoades & of course, the horses (Buck, Sport, Chubb & Cochise).

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Cartwright Friends POD 1/2-1/6

Post by Adamant » Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:23 am

Monday, January 2

Once upon a time, long ago, a set of powers-that-be were sitting around, wondering how to attract younger girls to their television show that needed a swift kick in the pants.
"We need a pretty boy! You know how girls like them--blue eyes, black hair--pretty."
"And young--but not too young!"
"No, not too young--we have (SIGH!) Jamie for that. You know, I still don't think that Jamie..."
"Enough! A good-lookin', not too pretty male and he has to be tough--yet have that touch of tenderness--the boy hiding inside the man.."
"And have a 'James Dean' complex, you know, all that personal angst."
"OOH! I have it....PRISON! He's in prison but doesn't deserve it!!!!!""YES!!!! Eureka, we have found it!"

And a new "CARTWRIGHT" was born!
Image pic by me
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