Friends POD 1/10 ~ Tim Matheson

Cartwright friends is the supporting cast of Bonanza. They include Hop Sing, Sheriff Roy Coffee, Will Cartwright, Doc Martin, Jamie, Griff, Clem, Sam the bartender, Betty Endicott, Bob Miles, Dusty Rhoades & of course, the horses (Buck, Sport, Chubb & Cochise).

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Friends POD 1/10 ~ Tim Matheson

Post by CowgirlAtHeart »

This week's POD will focus on Tim Matheson (who was Griff King in Bonanza) in some of his non-Bonanza roles.


In Season 8 of The Virginian, Tim Matheson played a young ranch hand named James Joseph Horn (more commonly called Jim). When Jim first came to Shiloh Ranch, he was traveling around with a drifter named Ben; they only intended to work at the ranch for a few weeks. But Jim liked it there so much he decided to stay. He became one of Shiloh's best and most trusted ranch hands, often defending the ranch at the risk of his own life. Jim was friendly, funny, hot-headed, and a bit naive. He learned a lot from the Virginian and the other more experienced men on the ranch.

This picture is from an episode called "Holocaust." In this episode an evil man sends his henchmen to burn down the ranch house at Shiloh. Clay Grainger, the owner of Shiloh Ranch, can't get a loan from the bank to rebuild, so he tells all his ranch hands to find jobs elsewhere--Shiloh is finished. But Jim doesn't give up so easily. Shiloh is the best place he's ever known, and he wants to keep it running. So he convinces a number of the other ranch hands to come back and work without pay to rebuild the house and get the ranch running again.

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