Episode 332 - THE FENCE

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Episode 332 - THE FENCE

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Date: April 27, 1969

Summary: Ben and Hoss visit Sam Masters,the former commander of a Confederate prison, where they become under attack by Colonel Jim Hudson and his men. They blame Masters for starving their men.

Written by: Wards Hawkins, Milton S. Gelman and Alf Harris
Directed by:Lewis Allen
Guest Stars:John Anderson (Sam Masters/Thomas Andrews), J.D. Cannon (Colonel Jim Hudson), Verna Bloom (Ellen Masters)

Slideshow courtesy of Tracy. Images from Bonanza Boomers Gallery.
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Re: Episode 332 - THE FENCE

Post by Oxgirl »

Saw this today, an okay ep, nothing to write home about.
I did love the beautiful snowy scenes.
a.JPG (35.67 KiB) Viewed 94 times
Impressive bit of bare back riding from Hoss. I wonder how he mounted though! :shrug
b.JPG (38.17 KiB) Viewed 94 times
I can't believe, though, that Ben just took his coat off and stayed inside drinking coffee when he heard the shot, not knowing if Hoss was dead or not?! :ohmy
I wondered if they just got away with shooting that Tyler in the back. I mean, they didn't take him back to stand trial and he wasn't threatening them, he was running away, and they just shot him. :shrug
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Re: Episode 332 - THE FENCE

Post by daisy60 »

This one seems a little tedious. I do love the Cartwights in the snow. Winter Kill [ season 12] was much better, especially at the beginning when Joe kept falling and then Hoss pushed him and fell with him! :ha
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