Adam mentions after Season 6

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Adam mentions after Season 6

Post by Snowfire » Mon May 23, 2011 2:28 pm

I have compiled over time a list of all Adam mentions after PR left the series. I had it posted on BW, but here it is on Boomers for those interested. I begin with the end of Season 6, after he left. Notice, all active mentions are in the Seventh Season only. After that, it's more like a passing reference. Also, beginning with Season 6, it is not mentioned again that Ben had three wives, except in Season 11, the episode "Is Any Man Here."

"The Patchwork Man" (Episode No. 202, season 6, broadcast 5/23/65)
At the very beginning Hoss is sitting chipping mortar off reclaimed fired bricks and he complains Pa "lets Little Joe go all the way to Sacramento. And Adam ... clean to St. Louis. Dadburnit."
"The Brass Box" (Episode No. 205, season 7, broadcast 9/26/65)
Ben says, "I guess with my son Adam away I could use another hand."
"The Other Son" (Episode No. 206, season 7, broadcast 10/3/65)
Ben says in a voice-over narration: “I wrote to my son Adam for advice and he came up with a solution. … the lifesaving shipment he had sent … had been stopped cold … … Virginia City was depending on that nitroglycerin…” A bit later he tells Ed Begley “According to what Adam says here, (points to letter) he’s contacted all the best engineers in Boston about this Nobel formula for making dynamite and as far as he’s concerned it’ll work… of course it‘s dangerous. But Adam says he thinks it can be packed and packed safely.” Later Ellis says “Adam explained it in his letter.” “I have the greatest confidence in my son Adam…” says Ben “…quick prayer that my older son knew what he was talking about…” Later Ed Begley says “Member that time I was over to the Ponderosa and Adam and Hoss got into a fight…” “Over that cowpony.” says Ben. “Hoss wanted to break that cowpony and Adam wanted to do it for him.” Ed Begley talks about meeting Little Joe’s mother, how beautiful she was, and her unfortunate death.
This places Adam in Boston April 1866? Can’t find any mention of this date…
"Mighty Is The Word" (Episode No. 211, season 7, broadcast 11/7/65)
Mrs Watson (ex-gunfighter current-preacher’s wife), says, “Here is our one month wedding anniversary present … our wedding present from Adam Cartwright. The final plans for the church. … Ben Cartwright practically raised me and Adam and Hoss are like brothers.” And next scene Ben tells Hoss and Little Joe “Those plans that Adam drew up for the church. Take them up to the sawmill so they can see exactly what’s called for.” Hoss & Little Joe say it’ll be “heavy” and “little ol’ church will be around after we’re long gone.”
"Ride The Wind" (Episode No. 219/220, season 7, broadcast 1/16/66 and 1/23/66)
This is a two-parter about the Pony Express and Indian troubles. Little Joe joins the Pony express which ran from April 1860 to October 1861. Towards the end (part 8 of 10part video) the camera pans the family table at the Ponderosa with only one place setting, (Hoss has by then gone to Indian Wells to help out) and Ben is standing there in the great room woolgathering. Hop Sing is with him and Ben says “Listen to this house Hop Sing. Listen to the silence of it. You remember when we built this house Hop Sing? This room was filled with so much happiness. Mrs Cartwright, Little Joe’s mother, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe - they filled this house. That’s what it was built for. Happiness. Love. Family.” Ben walks away. Hop Sing says “Hop Sing not like silence either.” Ben goes to his place setting, stares at his plate and says “Where’s it all gone?”
"The Unwritten Commandment" (Episode No. 229 (230), season 7, broadcast 4/10/66)
Andy (young Wayne Newton) asks before the opening titles “Have you heard anything from Adam?” and Little Joe replies. “Yeah, yeah got a letter from him last week. He’s in Paris now. He’s gonna spend the winter and spring there.” Later Andy has been at the Cartwrights and has been playing Adam's guitar, and singing 'Danny Boy'. After he’s through he says “Gee I hope Adam doesn’t mind me using his guitar.” It is late and he leaves to return home. Pa yawns and suggests the family go to bed and he starts off up the stairs with Joe following. Hoss, who is sitting in Adam's blue chair, picks up the guitar and softly and rather tremulously and off-key, starts to sing 'Danny Boy'. Unbeknownst to him Pa and Joe have come back and are behind him, each one leaning on a wing of the chair and as Hoss sings, both join in and hum the tune quietly. Hoss sort of half smiles, puts the guitar down and sets off up to bed. Pa and Joe turn to follow him and Joe giggles.
"Home From The Sea" (Episode No. 233, season 7, broadcast 5/1/66)
A man pretending to be Gilly Maples former shipmate of Adam (who had saved Adam’s life at sea) arrives before the opening credits. He hears Hoss & Little Joe say their name is Cartwright and he says “There won’t be a letter there from Adam.” They take him back, and when Ben walks in he says “Adam?” but the guy isn’t dressed like Adam at that point and he doesn’t look like Adam. At dinner Hop Sing says he has an appetite just like Mr Adam. The man shows them a money clip given to Adam by Ben, and given to Gilly by Adam as thanks for saving his life. The man says Adam is fine, never better, had hoped to be in San Francisco long enough to visit, but when he heard about a ship pulling out for the South Seas, that was a chance he couldn’t pass up. (THIS CONTRADICTS SPENDING THE WINTER AND SPRING IN PARIS MENTIONED THREE WEEKS EARLIER) Ben says “First Hawaii, then the whaling grounds.” The man says Adam thinks the whales are being thinned out too fast. Later he says Adam could stand at the rail for hours just staring out at the horizon. Ben says at the end that Gilly Maples is still on the ship with Adam and that the bad guy Morgan and his friend the one they knew as Gilly Maples were Adam’s & Gilly’s shipmates at sea and heard them talking and Morgan stole the money clip from Gilly that Adam had given to him that Ben gave to Adam. He says that this Gilly Maples saved his life just like the other saved Adam’s life.
"The Last Mission" (Episode No. 234, Season 7, broadcast May 8, 1966)
Colonel Jarrell says to Ben “You’ve got three fine sons.”
"Ballad of the Ponderosa" (Episode No. 245, Season 8, broadcast November 13, 1966
“What’s your son’s name?” Colter (Randy Boone) says as he picks the guitar off the wall. Ben replies. “Adam.” “Oh yeah, Adam. He play the guitar much?” “Oh, yeah, all the time. Kinda miss him.” says Ben.
"Nice Friendly Little Town" (Episode No .247, season 8, broadcast 11/27/66)
At the end, Hoss tells Ben “I learned to be grateful…to you, for being such a good Pa to Joe and me and Adam…”
"Tommy" (Episode No. 249, season 8, broadcast 12/18/66)
Ben tells Hoss about Tommy “Hoss, why don’t you take him up to Adam’s room.”
"Justice" (Episode No. 252, season 8, broadcast 1/8/67)
Mrs Cutler tells Little Joe that “You’ve always had more love than you needed… Your Pa and your brothers. You wouldn’t know what it’s like to be alone.”
"Dark Enough To See The Stars" (Episode No. 261, season 8, broadcast 3/26/67)
Ben’s old friend Mr Yardley, says “Ben, you always did have it easy. Raising three boys - nothing to it. But raising a girl alone…” (Little Joe is away for a long time in Placerville)
"Napoleon’s Children" (Episode No. 265, season 8, broadcast 4/16/67)
Ben says to Donny’s mother when she asks him to talk to her son “It’s one thing to raise three sons of your own, it’s another to talk to somebody else’s son.”
"Old Friends" (Episode No. 345, season 11, broadcast 12/14/69)
Jess Waddell (Morgan Woodward) hasn’t seen Ben in 27 years and 3 or 4 months. He says that he, Ben & Charlie worked a claim on Four Indian Creek ( 28 years ago? Would that be 1841?) for one season and divided the profit of $300. Charlie asks Hoss. “Hoss, how many sons does old Ben have?” Hoss sighs, and says “There’s three of us.”
"Is There Any Man Here" (Episode No. 352, season 11, broadcast 2/8/70)
At the beginning, Miss Jennifer (Mariette Hartley) sees three gold framed photos on the round table used for cards and says “Hop Sing. These were Ben’s wives weren’t they?” and Hop Sing answers, pointing, “Yes. This the mama of Adam, mama of Hoss, and mama of Little Joe. Very pretty, no?”
"Caution Easter Bunny Crossing" (Episode No. 358, season 11, broadcast 3/29/70)
Ben tells the woman at the orphanage that he has three sons
"Kingdom Of Fear" (Episode No. 388 season 12, broadcast 4/4/71 but filmed 6/12/68 during Season 9 but expected for Season 10 September airing, it was delayed due to assassination of Robert Kennedy. Took three years to finally air. Candy was no longer with the series so he was billed as a guest.)
Hoss consoles his father when Joe is being chased by the guards by reminding him that he and Adam used to chase Joe when they were young but could never catch him.
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