Episode 94 - THE CRUCIBLE

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Re: Episode 94 - THE CRUCIBLE

Post by Julianna » Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:00 pm

Sahra wrote:
Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:19 pm
I watched the episode for the first time, yesterday. Adam seemed to be doomed from the start. In the beginning, I couldn't believe my eyes when Adam was waving around so much money in public. He had it in his hand when he left the bank, and he showed it to Joe -- and others, who were watching them -- in the saloon. Adam, I thought, you're too smart for that. But otherwise, there would have been no episode.
I expected Adam to be robbed, but I didn't expect Greek philosophy, mind games and torture. Gnothi seauton. -- To which degree do we know ourselves? We know Adam as a man of integrity who would never do something that could put him into a noose, that's why he doesn't come over as sanctimonious when he's discussing an impending execution with Joe. Or could he?
To me, the episode (an excellent one, in my opinion) left a few questions open. Was the prospector evil, insane or just desperate because he had lost everything? From his point of view there is a guy who was just stripped of 5000 bucks and seemingly writes it off as nothing, after all, his father is the richest man in Nevada. However, from Adam's point of view, it makes sense, too: The highway men took his money, his horse and left him to die, but they didn't kill him. He is happy to be alive. The prospector on the other hand, does not value his life anymore now that he's down and out, and without any company -- which could also have impacted his sanity, too. There are hints that the prospector has had some education, and he's intelligent as well. He quotes the Greek god Apollo and actually bothers with challenging his hostage on a philosophical level, in addition to physical torture. Who was he before he sold everything he owned for 3000 in order to prospect for gold?
I also wonder what we are expected to believe will happen now that Adam is safe and with his family. They already know that he was held up by highway men, but not how he survived for several days and why he is dragging a dead body with him. Will he ever be ready to tell them what happened? What happened during the course of that week or so was more than a single man can handle in his whole life.
That’s a very insightful synopsis. Good and intriguing questions for discussion. :cool1

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