Episode 93 - THE GAMBLE

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Re: Episode 93 - THE GAMBLE

Post by Gillie » Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:48 pm

That's a great question, Cal. As patina says it was a gamble for Joe to escape, and Ben was plenty worried about it.

Or maybe it refers to the grandstand play that Joe made at the very last second when B, A, and H were standing on the gallows. There wasn't much time left when he finally throws open the door.

Or maybe the gamble was the chance Joe took in coming out in the open and threatening to hang a deputy. It would have been easy for somebody in the crowd to just shoot and kill Joe as he stood in the hayloft. They might sacrifice a deputy, but they'd have their four dead Cartwrights.
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Re: Episode 93 - THE GAMBLE

Post by Julianna » Thu Aug 25, 2016 10:03 pm

This episode really bugs me too. First of all it seems to be similar to the first season episode The Avenger. Adam and Pa are falsely accused of murdering someone and have a joke of a trial and will be hanged the next day. Joe and Hoss run around trying to do all they can to save them. But it's Vic Morrow's character who saves the day. Now the next thing is Adam has NO LINES from the arrest through the trial until he is in jail. That's how it is written, Pernell played it how it was written. He is not shown in close ups at all during the trial, but you can see he does move his eyes. He does turn and look during the gallows scene like the others do. Strange episode.

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Re: Episode 93 - THE GAMBLE

Post by PJudith » Tue Aug 30, 2016 9:13 pm

patina wrote:Pernell gets a lot of flack for his acting in the courtroom scene. Perhaps Mike suggested it to PR based on how he (ML) envisioned Adam behaving once he figured out the family was being railroaded. Or perhaps the director told PR to act in the manner he did. We'll never know. But, interestingly enough, we see the same courtroom behavior again from Adam in Elegy for a Hangman.

Joe is definitely "Super-Joe" in this ep. He might as well put in a cape and fly. :lol

I love the jail scene between Adam and Hoss, where they talk of their little brother. It's one of those moments where we learn a lot about the relationship between Adam, Hoss, and Joe.
As far as Pernell's behavior in this episode, we'll never know for sure. Was it Adam who was acting indifferent to the proceedings because he knew a guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion? Or was Pernell acting indifferent because he though the script stank. :shrug

Funny comment about "Super-Joe" I agree. He sure made himself the hero in his first script. I can't blame him. I'd probably do the same. If he wasn't already a regular character on the show, I'd say that Michael Landon wrote himself a "Mary Sue" story :yes

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Re: Episode 93 - THE GAMBLE

Post by littlejoenice » Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:35 pm

Perhaps Pernell Roberts didn't like the episode because Michael Landon wanted to be an "expert" and do everything. You could sometimes tell that Pernell Roberts got fed up with Michael Landon. They all did, at one point or another.
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