Episode 87 - GIFT OF WATER

Bonanza Season 3 Episodes
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Re: Episode 87 - GIFT OF WATER

Post by Julianna » Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:47 pm

Adamant wrote:I. Also, Adam fibs; he says he got the idea while cleaning his gun/rifle but it was Joe cleaning his gun that provided Adam's inspiration.
:adam :hoss :joe :ben
i have noticed this happening with other situations and characters. It makes me wonder if they filmed the other scene after and then changed that scene slightly. perhaps in the original script Adam was the one cleaning his gun, but to give ML a bigger part in the story they had him clean the gun and neglected to reshoot or do a voice over on the lines.
Anyway I like this episode because all the Cartwrights work together to solve a problem. It wasn't the same ole romance senario or someone they befriend and are let down scenario etc.
Water is the most important thing on Earth for life. Plants and animals need it to survive. A very symbolic gift since in times of drought, it is worth more than money.

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Re: Episode 87 - GIFT OF WATER

Post by Janet the Wicked » Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:42 am

Another blooper is that Adam says he got the idea while he was cleaning he rifle. He actually got the idea while watching Lil Joe clean his gun.

Purnell working out strenuously. Man, what a job!
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