Earn your own letter anniversary badge!

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Earn your own letter anniversary badge!

Post by January » Tue Jan 01, 2019 10:29 pm

This was first introduced for our 10th Anniversary last year and it will be offered each year during the month of January to allow members who have not received their letter to be awarded it now.

This topic will remain open until January 31, so for those of you that want to earn your letter ... here's how. :grin

[attachment=0]1 divider 2.gif[/attachment]


Just like the varsity letters you earn on a sports team for excellence, be awarded your own personal letter. Well, we're not a sports team so we'll tweak this a bit to make it work for us. :grin

The letter, of your choice, is not for athletics, but it is for showing you're on a team ...team Boomers. :yes

How do you earn a letter? It's easy. Tell us how you got to Boomers and why you stayed. Your post can be as long or as short as you want. Please post here in this topic. An example of what the letter looks like is below, but you're free to choose any letter that you want from A - Z. At the bottom of your post, let me know what letter you would like. Some ideas:

Well, for 1, you may want a "J" to stand for your name, as in my case January. You may want a letter to stand for your real name, your pets name, the name of something else that means something special to you. These letters are yours forever and won't be changed. Once you've earned your letter you won't be eligible to earn another one another year, so choose your letter wisely. Let's not start picking boyfriends. We never know how long those will last. Like a tattoo, they can't be changed. :laughing


Choose any letter you like from Image TO Image
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