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A Laugh A Day (or maybe more)!

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:18 pm
by A Ponderosa Pine
We can all use a good laugh once in awhle, so I'm starting this thread to give you a place to put your favorite jokes, humorous stories, funny quotes, cartoons, etc., so everyone can share in the laughter with you. The stories don't have to be about other people, either; you can always share something funny you did yourself!

Since Boomers is named partly for the baby boomers who have watched BZ from the very beginnig, I thought I would start with a couple of jokes about older folks. Enjoy!


Bud and Joe were relaxing on the front porch after a nice dinner Bud's wife had prepared.
"I've been taking this new medicine that's supposed to help me with my memory," said Bud.
Joe asks, "Really now? What's it called?"
Bud ponders this for a moment and says "What's the name of that nice smelling flower?"
"I don't know, Lilac?"
"Petunia?" continues Joe.
"Nope, that ain't it" says Bud.
"How 'bout Rose?"
"Yeah!, That's it!"
At that point Bud gets up and walks down the porch to the screened front door and yells, "Rose!... Hey Rose! What's the name of that Medicine I'm taking to help me with my memory?"

Two older people go to their doctor and complain that they are having memory problems. The doctor suggests that they just write everything down.
So later that evening the man gets up to get a bowl of popcorn and he turns to his wife and says, '' Do you want anything from the kitchen?'' She replies, "Yes, I would like a bowl of ice cream.'' He starts off and she says, ''And I want some cherries on it; you need to write this down.'' '' No I don't; it will just take a few seconds.'' She thinks and says, ''Well how about some nuts on it too, and now you will need to right this down,'' she pleads with him, but he is persistant. ''No, I can remember this, I am not that durn old.''
He storms into the kitchen and spends over half an hour working on her order. When he returns he is holding a bowl of popcorn and an entire breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and a glass of orange juice. He hands her the plate and she just sighs, '' What?'' he asks her. She just rolls her eyes and says ''You forgot the toast.''

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