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Bob Hoy Bio

Post by heartbeatgirl » Fri Jun 22, 2012 5:45 pm

Bob Hoy is perhaps best remembered for the role of ranchhand Joe Butler in "The High Chaparral" (1967-1971), but this versatile talented man already had a long career behind him as a stuntman and actor stretching back to 1949.
Bob as Joe Butler in "The High Chaparral"

Robert Francis "Bobby" Hoy was born in New York on April 3rd 1927. Raised in New York, he went to work part time on a dude ranch in the Catskill Mountains from the age of 7, and became an accomplished horse rider.
In 1944, aged 18, he enlisted in The Marines, and whilst stationed at Camp Pendleton, California, awaiting assignment, the war ended. Bob was sent to the Far East, and was involved in transporting Japanese POW's back to their homes. Following discharge in 1946, Bob took a job as a cowboy on a Nevada ranch, before beginning his career in the film industry.


Bobby Hoy started his film and TV career in 1949 as a stuntman, specializing initially in horse work. The late great western stuntman, Dave Sharpe took Bobby under his wing, and taught him how to "survive" in a very tough industry.
In a career spanning the next 55 years, Bob doubled for such greats as Tony Curtis, Telly Savalas, Charles Bronson, Audie Murphy and Jay Silverheels. His stunts were featured in films as varied as "The Silver Chalice" (1954), "Pillars Of The Sky" (1956), "Spartacus" (1960), Nevada Smith" (1966), "Beau Geste" (1966), "Tobruk" (1967), and "The Gauntlet" (1977), to name but a few.
Bob taking a tumble in "Pillars Of The Sky" - 1956

Bob doubling for Telly Savalas in "Beau Geste" - 1966
Bobby also undertook numerous stunts in a wide selection of TV series including The Lone Ranger, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Laramie, The Man From UNCLE (which included a stint doubling for Robert Vaughn, when his regular stuntman had been injured), Magnum PI and Kung Fu.
Bob's career reached a milestone whilst appearing in Bonanza, and he crossed over from stunt work into acting, often combining the two.
In total Bob featured in 8 episodes of Bonanza:
The Thunderhead Swindle 1961
The Actress 1963
The Underdog 1964
The Flannel-Mouth Gun 1965
The Search 1965
To Own The World 1965
Patchwork Man 1965
The Prisoners 1971
Bob with Mike Landon and Bob Miles in "The Actress"
Bob's acting parts included roles in shows such as The Fall Guy, Dallas, Little House on the Prairie, The Quest, Cannon, The Streets Of San Francisco, Bonanza and of course The High Chaparral, which launched him as a household name. Bob also had a role in the TV movie "Bonanza The Next Generation (1988)
Bob and Mark Slade as Billy Blue waiting for their cue whilst filming "The High Chaparral"
In the High Chaparral episode "Jelks"
Bob's close friend, Director Raymond Austin put Bob behind the camera as a second unit director and stunt co-ordinator for the TV series "Zorro" which was filmed in Spain, and Bob also worked on the pilot of "The Three Musketeers".


Bob died on February 8th 2010 at Northridge Hospital, California, following a six month battle with lung cancer. He was 82, and was survived by his wife of 22 years, Kiva, and his son, Christopher.
Just days before his death, Bob who was a founder member of "The Stuntman's Association Of Motion Pictures", was presented with "The Golden Boot Award" by the Motion Picture and Television Fund to commemorate his contribution to the genre of western TV and Movie in all three award categories, acting, stunt work and directing. This presentation was undertaken in the hospital, as Bob was too ill to travel.
Bob was a talented man who contributed much to the entertainment industry, and is certainly much missed by his fans.

Bob as we remember him.
Robert Hoy Wikipedia
The High
The Official Bob Hoy Website

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