Cartwright Friends 17-23 Sept Roy...Moonlighting!!!

Cartwright friends is the supporting cast of Bonanza. They include Hop Sing, Sheriff Roy Coffee, Will Cartwright, Doc Martin, Jamie, Griff, Clem, Sam the bartender, Betty Endicott, Bob Miles, Dusty Rhoades & of course, the horses (Buck, Sport, Chubb & Cochise).

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Cartwright Friends 17-23 Sept Roy...Moonlighting!!!

Post by ansinico » Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:59 am

Monday 17th

When l realised l had a week with the Sheriff Roy Coffee, l decided to see what the man got up to on a daily basis, after all he has a very reliable, capable second in command in Deputy Clem Foster...
l thought now that he has a lot more time on his hands...
What exactly does Sheriff Roy Coffee do with all those extra hours?

Please don't think l was spying on him coz l'm not at all like that, it just sorta worked out that l happened to be where ever he happened to be...
You lads hang on in there and we shall see, what we shall see.

Thanks Jan for the cap.
Hi Sheriff, l'm Ansi, what you doing there?

:roy l knows exactly who yer are little lady, yer that friend of the Cartwrights yer been snooping around town fer past week.

l wouldn't call it snooping exactly, l am just interested.

:roy l reckons what yer call snooping and what l calls snooping 'er coats of a diffrent colour, an iffun yer askin me yer downright nosy with it, what's a gal like you got ter be intrested in with the likes of me?

Oh you never know what interests me...what you doing with all the wood?

:roy What's it look like l'm doing, helping ole Charlie Squaw here, he kinda toppled his barra.

l heard around town you had a little business up and running 'Roy's Rapid Solid Fuel Delivery Service'

:roy l reckon yer oughten ter listen ter gossip.

So it's not true then?

:roy Missy l reckon yer oughta git yerself back on ter Ponderosa an annoy Ben Cartwright?
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