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Hop Sing 24/7 POD 2/7-7/7

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:25 am
by ansinico
Monday 2nd

This week l am going to take a look at all the other activities Hop Sing took on board...he was there morning noon and night...except of course when he wasn't visiting one his many cousins, or on the verge of leaving, he wasn't :chef 'n' :cleaning for the famous four all the time.

Of course, and rightly so, when they came in with dirty boots, or dripping wet from the occasionally mud fight or horse trough dowsing, he has been known to get very, very :mad...

Hop Sing is the man you can tell
Who cooks and cleans very well
But what else did he do
For the Cartwright crew
Apart that is from the odd yell?

:thanks Sandy