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Roy Engel Bio

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:56 am
by chey
Roy Engel Image Born on September 13, 1913, in New York City
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Roy appeared in 194 films and TV programs, between 1943 till 1977. Most of his films list him as uncredited.
He began his career on ABC radio on ‘The Sky King Show’. His first feature film debut in ‘the Heat is On’ ( 1943). Some of the movies he was in include Spartacus (1960), It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World (1963) , The Storm Riders (1957) , Vivia Las Vegas (1964), and several others.
Image The Storm Riders (1957) - Major Bonnard, Rancher
Roy appeared in several TV series. Some he only appeared in once shows like Whirlybirds, Cheyenne, Tales of the Wells Fargo, Lawman, Northwest passage, M Squad, The Texan, My Three Sons, Dennis The Menace, Get Smart, Lancer, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Daniel Boone , The Rookie, Pistol’s ‘n’ Petticoats, Barnaby Jones, The Walton’s and several others.
Some other TV shows he had a reappearing roles either as the same character or another part. These include ones like Death Valley Days, Lassie, The F.B.I. , Andy Grittith Show, My Favorite Martian, Rawhide, The Untouchables, Have Gun- Will Travel, Maverick, Wagon Train, Sheriff of Cochise, ‘The Virginian‘, ‘Wild , Wild, Wild , West’ and several others.
Image ‘The Wild Wild West’… ‘The Night of the Colonel's Ghost’- President Ulysses S Grant Image ‘The Virginian’ … ’ A Killer in Town ’ - Barney Wingate He played in 18 episodes of Bonanza.
Playing Doctor Paul Martin in ‘The Julia Bulette Story’, ‘The Outcast’, ‘Day Of Reckoning’, ‘The Dark Gate’, ‘The Secret’, ‘The Lawmaker’, ‘The Dowry’, ‘Knight Errant’. ‘The Good Samaritan’, ‘The Prime Of Life’, ‘The Companeros’, and “It’s A Small World’ .. Pictures of Roy Engel as Doc Martin. Image ‘The Julia Bulette Story’ Image ‘Prime Of Life’ Image ‘ The Dark Gate’ He was also in ‘The Boss’, ‘False Witness’, where he is listed just as the Doctor. Doc Trolliver in ‘Vengeance’ ,,, Doctor Paul Kay in ‘Elegy For A Hangman’ ,, Burt/Clyde Quinn in ‘Anatomy of a Lynching’,, Doctor Thomas in ‘Is There Any Man Here?’..
Image ‘Elegy For A Hangman’ Image ‘Vengeance’ Roy died on December 29, 1980 in Burbank California, of meningitis at the age of 67. He was cremated and his ashes were scattered over Lake Arrowhead.

Roy Engel bio by Chey