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Grateful for Friends POD Nov 20 - 26

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:08 pm
by Calamity
Sunday Nov 20

There were many Ponderosa Pals for whom the Cartwrights were grateful.
This week we'll be looking at just a few.

Hop Sing

The Cartwrights were very grateful for Hop Sing, especially Hoss.
With the Cartwrights from the very beginning, he was always there to help with a smile,
that is unless of course you got into his kitchen.

HopCap by Cal

Hop Sing was more than just the hired help.
As Adam was pointing out, he was part of the family.

HopCap by Cal

On more than one occasion Hop Sing came to the rescue.
One time he even solved a murder case and kept Joe from the hangman.

HopCap by Cal

Hop Sing is truly someone to be grateful for.