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Candy Shoppe POD News

Post by Tracy » Mon Mar 11, 2019 6:27 pm

The Candy Shoppe POD volunteer list is taking a break for a bit.

As of now, feel free to start a thread on any given Monday, with a picture or screencap.

Let your fellow Boomers know why you've chosen the photo or cap, and keep the discussion going throughout the week.

No need to post a new cap daily, and no need to sign up on a volunteer list (for now).

There may be more than one Boomers per week who wants to start a discussion about a particular episode or screencap. That's great!

If no one starts a thread on Monday, I will start one on Tuesday, so there will always be a reason to pop into the Candy Shoppe.

The volunteer sign up list will return in the future, but until then, feel free to Shoppe anytime!

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